The word of the president of the association

Dear RUSCUS shareholders,

After 19 years of mobilization, over 6,700 employee shareholders represent 9.53% of the capital, alongside our foundation, the majority shareholder, bringing us close to the 10% target set by Mr Pierre Fabre.

This result, rewarded several times by the FAS, constitutesone of the greatest successes of French employee share ownership , which, I am sure, corresponds to the expectations of Mr. Pierre Fabre.

Like all the large companies that are members of the FAS (Fédération des actionnaires salariés et anciens salariés) to which we belong, several years ago we created an association that complements this system.

This association allows us, in complete independence, to be a regular feature between employees and former employees, whether they are in France or abroad.

Our objective is to regularly inform our members about the Ruscus plan, tax, legal and economic news, but also to be able to organize contacts with our leaders and recognized experts in this field.

Join us, together we will be stronger!